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Summer 2021


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Symposium Category Winners and Runners-Up


Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (5 presentations)

Bennington Opdahl

Winner: Bennington Opdahl presented: Rare Earth Elements Association in Inorganic and Organic fractions of Appalachian Coals and Shales. Mentor: Shikha Sharma. Bennington is a Chemistry major at WVU and is from Erdenheim, PA.

Biological & Health Sciences (7 presentations )

Emily Adis smiling headshot

Winner: Emily Adis  presented:  Tracing Retinal Metabolism Through Intravitreal Injection of Labeled Glucose.  Mentor: Jianhai Du. Emily is a Biochemistry major at University of Tampa and is from Scotia, NY. 

Human Engagement (5 presentations)

Sarah Francis smiling headshot
Winner: Sarah Francis  presented:  Relationship Between Parent-Child Relationships and Adolescent Depressive Symptoms.  Mentor: Amy Gentzler. Sarah is a Psychology major at WVU and is from Frederick, MD. 

Physical Sciences & Engineering (6 presentations)

Sparrow Roch smiling headshot
Winner: Sparrow Roch  presented:  Gravitational Wave Detection with Pulsars.  Mentor: Maura McLaughlin and Manjari Bagchi. Sparrow is a Physics and Computer Science double major at University of Wisconsin and is from Milwaukee, WI.


Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (14 presentations)

Lydia Nicolai smiling headshot
Winner: Lydia Nicolai  presented: Effects of Water Deficit on the Growth of Appalachian Tree Species. Mentor: Brenden McNeil. Lydia, an Environmental Geoscience major at WVU and is from Woodbridge, VA. 

Savannah Mead smiling headshot
Runner-Up: Savannah Mead  presented: Horticultural Performance of Ethylene-Insensitive etr1-1 petunias. Mentor: Nicole Waterland. Savannah is a Horticulture major at WVU and is from Lancaster, PA. 

Behavioral & Social Sciences (13 presentations)

Savannah Mead smiling headshot
Winner: Anna Phillips  presented:  Chronic Stress Initiates Superoxide Production in the Liver of C57BL/6J Mice.  Mentor: Paul D Chantler. Anna is a Biomedical Engineering major at WVU and is from Murrysville, PA

Rachel Morris smiling headshot
Runner-Up: Rachel Morris  presented:  From Here to There: Transporter Expression through Tsetse Fly Development.  Mentor: Rita Rio. Rachel is a Biology major at WVU and is from Charleston, WV. 

Engineering (20 presentations)

Raimah Hossain smiling headshot
Winner: Raimah Hossain  presented:  Using Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation Coupled to Ferric Reduction (Feammox Bacteria) to Treat Domestic Wastewater.  Mentor: Lian-Shin Lin. Raimah Biomedical Engineering major at WVU and is from Morgantown, WV. 

Ashley McCullough smiling headshot
Runner-Up: Ashley McCullough  presented:  Renewable Energy Data Mapping and Integration for the PJM Region.  Mentor: Fernando Lima. Ashley is Chemical Engineering major at WVU and is from Lumberport, WV. 

Health Sciences Category (20 presentations)

Riley Kane smiling headshot
Winner: Riley Kane  presented:  Synthesis and Purification of Novel mitoNEET Ligands, Therapeutic Potential for Neurodegenerative Diseases.  Mentor: Werner Geldenhuys. Riley is a Biochemistry major at WVU and is from Morgantown, WV .

Emily Lecea smiling headshot
Runner-Up: Emily Lecea  presented:  Transcription signature of CD138low/- Multiple Myeloma Cells.  Mentor: Gangqing Hu. Emily is an Immunology and Medical Microbiology major at WVU and is from Macomb, MI. 

Neuroscience Category (8 presentations)

Benjamin Menarchek smiling headshot
Winner: Benjamin Menarchek  presented: Characterizing Opioid Receptor Modulation of Monoamine Transporters: A Potential Avenue for Treating  Neuropsychiatric Diseases. Mentor: Vincent Setola. Benjamin is a Biology major at Saint Vincent College, PA and is from Parkersburg, WV. 

Physical Sciences & Engineering Category (19 presentations)

Jordan Stanley smiling headshot
Winner: Jordan Stanley  presented: Searching for Fast Radio Bursts in Messier 82. Mentor: Duncan Lorimer. Jordan is a Physics major at WVU and is from Parkersburg, WV.

Runner-Up: Nathaniel Wesnak  presented: Predicting Low Energy and Stable Spherical Allotropes of Transition Metals by Metaheuristic Methods. Mentor: Aldo Romero. Nathaniel is a Physics major at SVU and is from Pittston, PA. Page Break

Social & Behavioral Sciences Category (7 presentations)

Grant duvall smiling headshot
Winner: Grant DuVall  presented:  Exploration of Cognitive Impairment Variability in Patients with Opioid Use Disorder.  Mentor: Erin Winstanley. Grant is a Biology major at WVU and is from Bridgeport, WV.